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Google Co-Founder Weds, World Stops Turning

Some people get married and only invite their immediate family. Others tie the knot on a whim and literally have to find someone to witness the exchanging of vows. Still others simply say “who cares?” and spend the rest of their lives bitterly clawing and fighting with each other until one of them has enough [...]

50 Cent Caught With His Nose in the Cocaine Jar

While barging into a dressing room in an attempting to interview 50 Cent before the gangster rapper’s concert in Zagrebačkog, Croatia, a news reporter and his camera crew capture the rapper and his posse huddled around a table apparently sniffing a substance from it. The camera crew’s intrusion is promptly confronted by a member of [...]

Dixie Chicks Seek Support for Convicted Child Killers

Back on Wednesday, May 5th, 1993 three 8-year-old boys were brutally murdered and mutilated in West Memphis, Arkansas. There names were Steve Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore, and shortly after the discovery of their badly beaten bodies (Christopher Byers was stabbed repeatedly and castrated) three teenagers were arrested and eventually tried. Damien Echols, Jesse [...]

2 Girls, 1 Cup Creator Gets Squeezed

Have you seen the 2 Girls, 1 Cup video yet? It’s hard to imagine anyone not seeing it, what with super-sized douche bag Perez Hilton releasing a parody (which is arguably more disturbing than the original) as well as hundreds of reactionary clips popping up all over the Internet, but if you’re one of the [...]

Batman Signs on to Star in New Terminator Movie

The Batman franchise’s latest star to don the infamous black one-piece is set to appear in the next Terminator movie sequel. The 2009 movie entitled Terminator 4 Salvation: The Future Begins is being developed by Warner Brothers (the same company behind the Batman movies) and plans on casting Christian Bale as a newly introduced unnamed [...]

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