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Victoria Beckham in Lingerie for Giorgio Armani Underwear

Victoria Beckham in Lingerie for Giorgio Armani Underwear

British tot Victoria Beckham wearing a sexy black bra and skimpy thong panties shows off her Spice Girls in these first promotional photos from her new contract with Emporio Armani Underwear. -Photos by Mert & Marcus.

Its a Barbie World

Victoria Beckham Behind The Scenes of Her ElleUploaded by Celebri-Net While not watching this video of Victoria Beckham From Elle Magazine’s January issue I couldn’t help but wonder what the world wants with the plastic Posh that they can’t get from the doll section at they’re local Toys ‘R’ Us. Some excerpts from the Elle: [...]

Victoria Beckham’s Rack Spans the Globe

If she’s not flaunting her fun-bags on the streets of NYC she’s showing off her mammaries in Madrid (as in these shots). This woman is seen all over the world and thanks to the wonders of modern science our two most favorite body parts (other than the butt cheeks, but I don’t think those can [...]

Victoria Beckham Is An Optical Illusion

I woke up this morning, shook the cobwebs from my brain and sat down at the computer to find something worthy of posting. After what seemed like an eternity (and by “eternity” I mean a few minutes of twiddling my thumbs as I waited for my computer to boot up. . .I’m impatient) I got [...]

Victoria Beckham See-Through Boobies

Good God Almighty! I don’t care what anyone says about this girl, I’d knock it out of the park like Barry Bonds on steroids (he did that shit so don’t try to deny it). She’s so sexy she makes gay men rethink their orientation. Speaking of hitting things I was on my way home from [...]

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