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Lohan Recreates Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”

Lohan Recreates Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”

Unlike Madonna who will probably be botoxing her labia, Glamour Magazine is celebrating their 70th birthday by recreating American Icons using some of Hollywood’s hottests gals. Beginning with Lindsay Lohan donning donna’s legendary wedding dress 25 years after Madonna’s infamous performance of “Like a Virgin” on MTV: In 1984 Madonna told American Bandstand host Dick [...]

Madonna and A-Rod Sex Tape

Whose ready for Grandma Porn? Recently reports have been going around about an alleged affair between baseball great Alex Rodriguez who turns 33 next week and Music icon Madonna who will be breaking the 1/2 century mark this year when she turns 50 in August. Well late last night a post on the internet’s official [...]

Keeley Hazell Behind The Scenes Madonna Videos

As all of our regular readers know Zoo Weekly has been releasing a series of special collectors edition magazines featuring their top model Keeley Hazell impersonating todayÂ’s most provocative music videos in a series they have called “Keeley Goes Pop“. Today they posted up the behind-the-scenes clip of Keeley”s latest pop parody photo shoot of [...]

Keeley Hazell As Madonna

Madonna”s 1990 music video for her song “Justify My Love” portrayed an unusual party at the now infamous Hotel Chelsea. The ultra controversial clip contained “scenes of partial nudity, homosexuality, mild sado-masochism and other overt sexual situations”. The video, definitely being the most graphic and vulgar of the videos Zoo Magazine has chosen to recreate [...]

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