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Hilary Duff’s Scorpion Was REAL!!!

You may have seen the video clip we posted of Hilary dropping a scorpion down her pants and thought the swiggling serpent was just a mechanical knock-off. Well you would be wrong my friend. In an exclusive interview with LA Confidential magazine H.Duff admits to dropping a LIVE eight-legged carnivorous arthropod down her pants: LOS [...]

Hilary Duff Being Finger Blasted

Download Links Rapidshare Download Link 6.4 MB MegaUpload Download Link 6.4 MB Anne Hathaway did it with “Havoc”, Jessica Biel did it with “London”, now reforming Hilary Duff is trying to take the first step in washing away her squeaky clean image with her role in John Cusack‘s comedic thriller “War, Inc.” Beginning with this [...]

Hilary Duff Being Pleasured By a Scorpion

Hilary Duff Scorpion Scene in War, Inc.Uploaded by Celebri-Net_Com I’m not used to putting up a post about Hilary without including the words “prude”, “boring”, “still smiling”, or a combination of synonyms for “prude”, “boring” and “still smiling”, but this clip of Hilary dropping a live scorpion down her pants from her new movie War, [...]

Hilary Duff FHM UK December 2007 Outtakes

Here are a few out-take shots from Hilary Duff‘s sexy FHM UK December 2007 pictorial. I was really suprised with Hilary’s FHM photoshoot. I had no idea that leapord one-peice could fit her so well. It really captures her abstinence while perfectly comlineting her prudness and bringing out the c*ock tease in her eyes.

Hilary Duffy’s Real Body is Actually in Shape

At first glance Shape Magazine’s latest cover, featuring never-going-to-grow-up singer/actress/brat Hilary Duff, one would think that somebody put more computer enhancements into it than the new Apple iPhone. But after checking out this behind-the-scenes clip of Hilary’s shoot, its evident that her awesome abs were the result of hard work and good lighting, and not [...]

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