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Avril Considers An Offer To Pose For Playboy

During a live interview on MTV‘s TLR, Avril Lavigne was informed that she had recently been voted #1 on a poll taken by Playboy Magazine in which voters were asked which pop star they would like to see pose for the nude magazine. Evidently she had received more votes then Jessica Simpson and Gwen Stefani. [...]

Good Bye Heidi, Helloooo Avril

Many fans might of lost faith in Maxim’s ability to provide quality celebrities clad in skanky cloths after the men’s magazine chose semi-celeb Heidi Montage to be their cover girl for it’s February ’08 issue. But much like Hollywood after a few untimely deaths, Maxim learned their lesson and is making amends by letting 23 [...]

Maxim Hot 100

Maxim Online just released their extinguished Hot 100 list which determines which anorexic actress’ lost the most weight in the last 12 months, and is offered the best movie roles in the next 12 months. And coming in at #1 for Maxim’s 2007 List is none other than tabloid princess Lindsay Lohan, taking out Eva [...]

Blender and Jack Daniels Get Avril Loose

Jack Daniels has this unique ability to attract “I can handle my liquor” women and sip-by-sip turn them into “I didn’t even drink that much” girls. And that’s why He is as close to me as my left kidney. If only I had a quarter for every time I went shot-for-shot of sweet corrupting JD [...]

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