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Pre-”Flavor of Love 2″ – Toastee Fetish Videos

It has come to our attention that a few of our videos we had posted in our earlier post, “Toastee aka Natalia The “Scissor Vixen”, have been removed (thanks jeff). So seeing as this week VH1 is airing their final episode of Flavor of Love, we thought it would be appropriate for us to re-upload [...]

Toastee aka Natalia The “Scissor Vixen”

Since the shocking discovery that Jennifer “Toastee” Toof, one of the women competing for Flavor Flav”s love in VH1″s hit reality television show “Flavor of Love”, is actually a porn star, Celebri-Net has learned that Toastee has had a very extensive nude career as Natalia and we have the clips to prove it. Continue reading [...]

Toastee from ‘Flavor of Love 2″

If your obsessed with reality television, like you all know I am, then you caught this weeks episode of VH1″s highest rated show “Flavor of Love” where Flavor Flav made a quite interesting discovery concerning one of his contestants… Apparently Jennifer Toof, or as Mr. Flav named her “Toastee“, was found out to have had [...]

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