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Real Wolder Svetlana Participates In Unsafe Sex?

Self proclaimed to having “Tig “Ol Bitties”, Real World: Key West”s Svetlana Shusterman may be taking a spin on the Wheel Of Misfortune because she”s not using any contraceptives. Why isnÂ’t the PA native who thinks sheÂ’s “Jewish not Russian” protecting her vertical smile? No its not Tetragrammaton (Hover your mouse here for fun fact [...]

Vote For ‘The Best Breasted Real Worlder’

In honor of last nights Real World/Road Rules Challenge I thought I”d take a little poll on who you guys think is the Best Breasted Real Worlder. I”ve narrowed the list to three contestant, all well known for their larger then norm fun bags. Svetlana the Jewish brat, Coral the talkative big boobed badass bitch, [...]

‘The Real World: Key West’ Svetlana Bikini Photo Shoot

Last night”s episode of MTV”s Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel was pretty intense. While the men violently competed for a brand new motorcycle, slender girl Paula and chubby chick Aneesa battled to preserve their reality TV lives. After engaging in 10 mins of tossing Paula around with some anorexarobics, Aneesa sent the blond beauty [...]

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