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Hoopz on the Cover of King

Hoopz on the Cover of King

The winner of Flavor of Love season 1 and current contestant on Vh1′s I Love Money Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander is on the cover of King magazine.

Paris and Nicky Make Taboo, Ta-Do

I was doing my usual internet b*tchslapping when I came across these images of the Hilton Hoes wearing skimpy bikinis, see-through lingerie and… forearm warmers? I’m not quite sure if these are old or not, but I’m guessing by the look on Paris’ face that these were taken just after her first shot of collagen [...]

Promos For Simple life 5

After reconciling, gal pals Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have agreed to work side-by-side as camp counselors on their hit reality television show ‘The Simple Life’ for the show’s 5th season. Although the two haven’t completed filming, mostly due to Nicole Richie collapses, this season is rumored to be the pairs last time appearing on [...]

Paris Loves Her Sister… No I Mean She LOVES Her Sister

Paris Hilton and her lesbian lover sister Nicky, were photographed showing some affectionate sisterly love in a limo following a Hugh Hefner Playboy Mansion party. There”s really nothing else to say about these photos that hasnÂ’t already been said a thousand times already through out the week (thatÂ’s what I get for posting two days [...]

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