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Brooke Hogan Talks About Playboy, Sex, Fake Breasts and Politics

Brooke Hogan Talks About Playboy, Sex, Fake Breasts and Politics

In our latest episode of Brooke Hogan Is A Terrible Role Model, the blonde bumshell tells Howard Stern on his radio show that it’s very important to educate yourself about voting, especially in this election. And she should know, because she doesn’t even know who the current vice president is [Video Below]. “I feel it’s [...]

Brooke Hogan’s New Tramp Stamp

Brooke Hogan’s New Tramp Stamp

Brooke gets a NEW Tattoo!!! ‘Brooke Knows Best’ star Brooke Hogan posted a video on her offical Myspace page of her getting a tattoo on her lower back. I can’t tell weather it says “If you can read this, then your probably my dad” or if it says “Objects below may appear a little different, [...]

Brooke Gets Video Taped Naked

We all know Hulk’s mammoth daughter is about as head strong as a drunken teenager on prom night who inevitably falls for the “let me just put the head in” line or a sober teenager who eventually falls for the old “but you can’t stop now otherwise it’ll hurt” routine. Which explains why she’s only [...]

Brooke Tricked Into Admitting She’s Not a Virgin Anymore

Breaking news (some pun intending) the Hulkser’s no-so little lady is not so sex-free anymore. Last week you may have seen some promos for Brooke Hogan‘s VH1 reality show, “Brooke Knows Best”, in which the 20 year old self proclaimed “tease” revealed some tainting truths about her so-called “celibate” image: Glenn Packard (Brooke’s gay roommate): [...]

Brooke Hogan Performing With the Knockouts (Video)

We got a bunch of videos to go with our earlier post of Brooke Hogan preforming with The Knockouts in South Beach recently compliments of the burlesque troupe’s Official Site. Don’t think this recent sultry performance and whorish Hogan’s Maxim appearance is a hint of more nudity to come because the 22 year old singer/reality [...]

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