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Amy Fisher To Start Stripping OnDemand

Amy Fisher To Start Stripping OnDemand

Amy Fisher, the now 34 year old “Long Island Lolita” who served 7 years in prison for shooting the wife of her adulterating lover when she was only 17 and then cashed in on the attempted murder by releasing her own Sex Tape (NSFW) after she was released, has posted news on her Official Site [...]

Joey Buttafouco Sex Tape Trailer

Yes you read that right. The same company responsible for distributing Amy Fisher‘s sex tape, Red Light District, is planning on releasing a DVD featuring Joey Buttofouco and his wife Evanka having sex. Once again Project X Tapes gets the scoop on the latest celebrity sex tapes: CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Red Light District has acquired [...]

Amy Fisher Sues Over Sex Tape

Ex-convict Fisher is suing the porn company that is planning to release an explicit video of the hot shot ho and then husband doing naughty things not involving a fire arm. Amy claims the video was “private” and was never mean to be released, but the porn company says “sex sells so too bad”. TMZ [...]

Amy Fisher Sex Tape

Have you ever looked directly into a killer’s eyes? No? Well then today’s not your lucky day. Even though Amy’s head targeting retina’s are quite visable in this clip from her newly promoted sextape, thanks to Ms.Fisher‘s plastic surgeon, you wont be able to advert your stare away her freshly baked bosoms. Trust me I [...]

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