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Gisele Sexy in Arena

Gisele Sexy in Arena

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday but as an American citizen I felt it was my patriotic duty to not work and drink beer all day in celebration of Labor Day. However, since we don’t receive a welfare check every week we’re back, and a little soberer, with these scans from Arena magazine’s September [...]

Gisele And Her Shredded Denim

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen might look like her cloths were smeared with peanut butter then warn as a cocktail dress to one of Michale Vick’s esteem pooch parties but these pictures featuring Brady’s beau wearing clothes not even the Salvation Army would accept are actually taken from V magazine’s #54 July/August issue. If Gisele’s hand-me-down shorts [...]

Gisele’s Behind-The-Scenes GQ Video

Just wanted to add the video to Gisele Bundchen‘s GQ cover photoshoot for the magazine’s July 2008 issue.

Gisele Does GQ – UPDATE

The world’s highest paid supermodel strips down for GQ Magazine‘s July 2008 Issue. Inside the magazine, Gisele Bunchen tells GQ about her current fling with the NFL’s 2nd best quarterback Tom Brady and the complex process behind her cardinal photos: “This is exactly how I would describe my work: I get there, I put on [...]

Gisele Bundchen Reneges on Promise to Run Naked Through NY

After the unbeaten New England Patriots definitively defeated the San Diego Chargers, Tom Brady‘s supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen confidentially promised she would run down Broadway boulevard in New York naked if the Patriots lost to the heavily unfavored Giants when the two teams met in Arizona for Super Bowl XLII. Well as you can tell [...]

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