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R.I.P Anna Nicole Smith (November 28, 1967 – February 8, 2007)

While it seems most of the blogging world has already forgotten about Anna Nicole Smith, Larry Birkhead‘s official site, which hasn’t been updated since Anna’s birthday in November, was one of the very few places on the web who put up anything to commemorate the one year anniversary of her death. Larry posted this symbolic [...]

Larry Takes His Daughter to the ATM

Just in time for sweeps, Larry Birkhead invited Entertainment Tonight cameras to follow him while he visited THE GRAVE of Anna Nicole Smith with their daughter Dannielynn. While at the grave and obviously fresh out of urine, Larry placed a bouquet of flowers on the gave. Jann Carl, an ET news reporter who accompanied Larry [...]

The Day’s Links

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Videos From All Over

Have I got a treat for you guys… Well it”s not so much of a treat as an alternate method of weight loss to the ever so popular run way model bathroom tooth brush trick. Think about it… Its everyoneÂ’s favorite drugged up Trimspa model Anna Nicole Smith giving birth via cesarean section, to her [...]

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