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How Come the WNBA Isn’t This Well Organized?

What does 7 robe draped beauties stripping down and shaking around in center ring for an audience judged bikini contest have to do with wrestling? Who cares? Its 7 WWE Divas bouncing around in their tiniest attire! Last night on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, 7 WWE Divas put on their best bikinis in front of [...]

Maybe Some Women Can Wrestle

Here I go thinking women can’t wrestle unless they are nude, covered in some sort of after lunch dessert, or getting ready to servierly injure themselves, let alone able to get in a professional ring and preform extremely technical maneuvers on each other. When all of a sudden I come across this clip (thanks goldenheart7) [...]

Ex-Miss Britian, Leilani Dowding Caught Topless

Yesterday we published a post about how Danielle Lloyd was stripped of her sash and crown for apparently dating one of the judges and posing nude for Playboy magazine, well it seems sheÂ’s was just following procedure. ThatÂ’s because not so long ago photos of Ex-Miss Great Britain, Leilani Dowding exposing her pageant bosoms on [...]

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