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Six WWE Diva Tag-Team Match Video

Six WWE Diva Tag-Team Match Video

Candice Michelle returned to RAW this Monday to participate in a 6 Diva Tag Match. The former soft-core porn actress has been on the sidelines since last October after suffering a concussion and a broken collar bone from a fall off of the top ropes during a match against the “Glamazon” Beth Phoenix. Candice teamed [...]

How Come the WNBA Isn’t This Well Organized?

What does 7 robe draped beauties stripping down and shaking around in center ring for an audience judged bikini contest have to do with wrestling? Who cares? Its 7 WWE Divas bouncing around in their tiniest attire! Last night on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, 7 WWE Divas put on their best bikinis in front of [...]

Maybe Some Women Can Wrestle

Here I go thinking women can’t wrestle unless they are nude, covered in some sort of after lunch dessert, or getting ready to servierly injure themselves, let alone able to get in a professional ring and preform extremely technical maneuvers on each other. When all of a sudden I come across this clip (thanks goldenheart7) [...]

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