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Amanda Compley Nude For PeTA

Olympic gold medalist Amanda Beard goes naked for a good cause, and this time its not money. Well, its probably not money. At least we think its probably not about money. Ok she probably got a sh*t load of money for it but at least her naked body will encourage 10′s of 12′s of kids [...]

Adult Swim With Amanda Beard

Check it out… Female athletes at their finest: Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard splashes on to the pages of Playboy Magazine for their July 2007 “Red-Hot Summer” issue. Allow me to clear up any debate on whether Amanda Beard‘s boob-tastic spread is hurting or helping the “women’s movement” which demands equal respect between male sports and [...]

Amanda Beard’s Playboy Cover

Good news fake-sport fans, the July Issue of Playboy magazine will feature olympic swimmer Amanda Beard completely nude, and is due to hit shelves tomorrow. Unfortunately, because Playboy’s henchmen are more ruthless then Lindsay Lohan on an open highway, you can be sure we wont not be posting any pictures of Amanda’s pictorial… Yeah you [...]

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