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Straight Outta Da Forum

Posting guru AuGusT contributed these unflattering pictures of lipo victim Tara Reid applying some much unneeded tanning lotion to her apparently melting skin. Check out that disgustingly loose tummy, it has more wrinkles on it then Betty White‘s mother has on her face. Or then Jessica Sierra has in her moral conscience. HA! More Images [...]

Straight Outta The Forum

An ultra skinny Tara Reid relaxes by the pool while taking a break from Hosting the Hooker’s Ball in Australia. She might look like she’s been regurtitating up more crap then TMZ during sweeps week but thats because unlike that ungrateful bitch Katherine, Tara Reid is willing to do whatever is necessary to continue to [...]

Nuts Digs Up Celebritie’s Exposing Pasts

British magazine Nuts has dug deep into the pasts of today’s famous faces, and come up with a bloody hel (am I saying that right UK?) of a lot of pre-fame nude pictures.
The crafty 9 page spread contains nude pictures of celebrities before they hit it big, with quirky British commentary that will have [...]

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