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Longoria and Hatcher Kissing on Desperate Housewives

Longoria and Hatcher Kissing on Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher finally gave fans exactly what they wanted on Sunday’s episode of Desperate Houswives when the sexy duo shared a passionate kiss. Unfortunately, since it’s not 2001 anymore, no one cared.

Tina Fey Does Sarah Palin on SNL [VIDEO]

Tina Fey Does Sarah Palin on SNL [VIDEO]

The long awaited and much anticipated SNL skit has finally arrived. Funny fem Tina Fey impersonated Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin in the opening scene of last nights episode of Saturday night live. Tina’s ‘Baby Momma’ co-star Amy Poehler also joined in on the joyful jabs attacking the inexperienced Palin as Hillary Clinton. The pair [...]

Trailer Time: On the Doll

How do you mess up a movie starring a smoking hot young actress in the prime of her “I’ll Take Any Role” phase and playing an “Anything Goes” prostitute who was abused as a child? Easy; Don’t give her a nude scene and make her only “sex scene” consist her continuously punching her tied down [...]

Some More Friendly Links

Tiffany Mulheron Looks Like Fun. (NSFW ads). [Paul'sWorld] Audrina Partridge Upskirt Pictures. [CelebrityHoneys] Adriana Lima – Bikini photoshoot for GQ (NSFW Ads). [RichandBrainless] Britney Spears Show Pokies (NSFW Ads). [Glamzilla] Ludivine Sagnier in French Playboy (NSFW). [Project X Tapes]

Straight Outta Da Forum

Posting guru AuGusT contributed these unflattering pictures of lipo victim Tara Reid applying some much unneeded tanning lotion to her apparently melting skin. Check out that disgustingly loose tummy, it has more wrinkles on it then Betty White‘s mother has on her face. Or then Jessica Sierra has in her moral conscience. HA! More Images [...]

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