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2009 Summer Blockbuster Movie Trailers

2009 Summer Blockbuster Movie Trailers

I don’t think I gotta ask because we already know what the dominant movie for 2009 is going to be, but I thought I’d post up all of the trailers for this summer’s most anticipated films. Hopefully by posting more then 1 video I will help satisfy the criticism coming from some our feminist readers [...]

Winona Ryder Digitized Nude Scene

“Beetle Juice” Beauty Winona Ryder was digitally enhanced for her role as “Donna” in Richard Linklater“s re-animated sci-fi thriller “A Scanner Darkly”, but not the way you might have expected. A Scanner Darkly is an adaptation of Phillip K Dick“s novel where he presents a “Not too distant Future World” thatÂ’s plagued by a new, [...]

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