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Vanessa Minnillo Bra and Panty Clip From Disaster Movie

Vanessa Minnillo Bra and Panty Clip From Disaster Movie

Nick Lachey’s busy beau Vanessa Minnillo can add “Girl Standing in Lingerie” in ‘Disaster Movie’ to her already extensive list of acting credits which already includes nameless roles like “Johnny’s Wedding Date” in ‘Fantastic Four’, “Sexy Student” in ‘Maybe It’s Me’ and “Hot Girl” in ‘That’s Life’. Anyone else smell an Emmy Nomination?

Kim Makes Her Big Screen Debut

Disaster Movie TrailerUploaded by CelebriNet2 Kim Kardashian, best known for trading her shame for fame and replacing her integrity to become a celebrity will be receiving her half of the agreement with Satin when her first big movie production releases August 29th, 2008. The movie appropriately named: “Disaster Movie”, stars Kim, fellow Playboy playmate and [...]

Vacationing Just Got Serious!

Vanessa cut her fun filled vacation wearing a purple bikini on a yate short so she could concentrate on vacationing wearing a designer bikini on a beach. Unfortunitally it seems the longer vacationing hours, and mismatching bikini top and bottoms have begun to take its toll on the courageous kitten leaving Vanessa smile-less and Lachey-less. [...]

Unemployment is Fun, Wheeeee!

Vanessa Minnillo‘s and Nick Lachey‘s never ending vacation found its way to the open sea, as the ex-TRL VJ and the ex-Jessica Simpson freeloader took some time off from their empty schedules to rent a private yate fully loaded with their own personal captain, an authentic Mexican man-servant, and a fridge full of classy Miller [...]

Vanessa is Sorry. As in Apologetic, not as in Pathetic.

A source gives US Weekly some excuses for that girl who was always on TRL holding the microphone, and tells them that Vanessa Minnillo is very sorry she got caught about playing with knifes. (For all of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, read HERE and HERE, and smack your self HERE. “(Minnillo) [...]

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