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Sarah Michelle’s Sappy Love Scene

Here’s a clip of Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s sex scene from her straight to DVD flick The Air I Breathe. In the short scene you won’t find very much pounding from either Brendan Fraser who plays a “gangster” in the film and whose sexual performance is about as aggressive as a sedated turtle, or from the [...]

Sarah Michelle Gellar Drops Her Pants

Rapidshare Download Link 1.5 MB MegaUpload Download Link 1.5 MB When Sarah Michell Gellar went topless for Maxim magazine’s last issue in ’07 (which remind me of Heidi’s topless Maxim photo shoot) I noticed that lot of people were criticizing her for not showing any of her Buffy backside. So I came across this clip [...]

Sarah Michelle Gellar Topless in Maxim

In Maxim‘s upcoming December issue, the ultra popular men’s magazine will be naming Sarah Michelle Gellar as their 2008 Women of the Year. I know what your saying:”Sarah Michelle Gellar? Why, her breast aren’t even that big?”. Well before you pass judgment King Leonidas, you should know that in Ms. Gellar’s defense, the Buffy Slayer [...]

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