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Rosario Dawson Nude in Alexander. [VIDEO DOWNLOAD] [tazzboy@Celebri-Net Forum] Free Streaming Video of Kim Kardasian‘s 2nd Sex Tape. [NSFW VIDEO] [Project X Tapes] Salma Hayek‘s Nude Sex Scene in DESPERADO. [VIDEO] [MovieHotties]

Rosario Dawson Restores My Patriotism

Rosario Dawson in GQ Magazine’s July 2007 Issue (British Edition) This post is perfectly fitting seeing that Independence Day is so near. Why is it so fitting? Well, because July 4th marks the day that we sent big-bad (HA) Britain a collective F-U, compliments of a little document called The Declaration of Independence. What does [...]

Grindhouse’s Roses Get Naked For Rollingstone

Grindhouse‘s leading ladies Rose McGowan and Rosario Dawson show off their amazing bodies for Rollingstone’s newest issue which hits stands tomorrow. Here’s a quick excerpt from the magazine: “The way Rose says ‘c*cksucker’ is really great,” says Tarantino. “It’s the way she emphasizes the c-k. She’ll screw up a line and say, ‘Aw, fucking cocksucker!’ [...]

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