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Scarlett and Penelope Making Out

Scarlett and Penelope Making Out

Here’s the full scene from “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” of 22 year old blond Scarlett Johansson and 33 year old brunette Penelope Cruz passionately kiss one another. If you have something better to do right now then do it because this clip is about as sexy as a root canal gone wrong.

Vicky Christina Barcelona – Behind the Scenes

I figure you can’t ever get enough of a movie that features Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz doing the horizontal rug burn, so since I already added a clip of them making out earlier I thought I’d add a bunch of behind-the-scenes pictures too… If anyone cares, I added a Video of a “Smoking Hot [...]

Scarlett and Penelope Making Out

We told you back in February about Woody Allen’s new movie “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” where the pedoflite/director enticed blone haired, blue eyed Scarlett Johansson and black haired, brown eyed Penelope Cruz into filming a “steamy” lesbian scene as well as an “erotic” 3-way. Heres a little plot summery of the movie: Two young American women, [...]

Nuts Presents: 100 Topless Movie Babes

Nuts magazine has compiled their list of the Top 100 topless movie scenes of our time and provided photo evidence for each spot. Nut’s Top 10: 10. Penelope Cruz – Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (May 2001) 9. Alison Eastwood – The Lost Angel (September 2004) 8. Monika Malocova – Hostel: Part II (June 2007) 7. Natalia [...]

Scarlett’s and Penelope’s New Lesbian Scene Will Shock You

Despite what you might think, there isn’t much difference between director Woody Allen and your average every-day-working male. Except DURING your average every-day-working male’s lunch break he dreams of watching two of the world’s hottest women go at it in front of him while he stands behind a camera and video tapes the whole thing. [...]

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