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Miley and That Other Girl Continue Their Online Battle

As promised, Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux have issued their latest viral video assault on AC/DC in response to the feuding dance crews current webcast war dubbed (not by us) “The Greatest Online Dance Battle…EVER!” (Click Here for an up-to-date recap of the events leading up to today). The [just about] 10 minute video features [...]

Miley Calls Out Lohan During Her Concert

You might be too busy to notice because your checking your mail every few minutes to see if Bush’s see republicans arn’t that bad economic stimulus check has arrived, wrapping yellow ribbons around the old oak tree (God speed gentlemen), and building a bomb shelter in anticipation of the next natural disaster, but right now [...]

Hannah Montana Better Then Longoria, Alba, Electra Combined

Turns out promiscuous promotional stunts work just as good on underagers as it does on teenagers (NSFW) and overagers, because this weekends box office numbers are in and Miley Cyrus‘ 3-D movie, “Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour”, has taken the number 1 spot just one week after raunchy pictures [...]

Teen Attempts to Hijack Plane and Crash it Into Hannah Montana Concert, Gets Farther Then You’d Expect

Police arrested and charged a teenager Tuesday night at Nashville International Airport.  Investigators said he planned to hijack a commercial airliner.  The 16-year-old boarded a plane in California bound for Nashville. Airport police said he smuggled handcuffs and other dangerous items on board.  Airport police in Nashville learned of a possible threat on an incoming [...]

Hannah Montana Talks Dirty To Transformers Star

Singer Miley Cyrus, who plays Hannah Montana on her Disney show and apparently is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus but looks like the daughter of Christina Aguilera in this photo, admitted to secretly sending “rude” text messages to Josh Duhamel while sharing a first class plane ride to London with the Transformers star. Miley [...]

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