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Maggie Gyllenhaal Earns Her Roles

If your like me your 6’6″ and I’m not talking about my height probably wondering why the hell someone chose little known and even less hot actress Maggie Gyllenhaal to star as the leading lady in an epic blockbuster movie? Well, Elle Magazine explains Maggie’s loose, and I mean loose, restrictions to the amount of [...]

Maggie is Crude and We Like It

I don’t want to strike up a huge debate between Men and Men-Wanna-Bees (Feminists), but this is the second time Maggie Gyllenhaal has forgone any common courtesy for public decency and whipped out her bare breast in plain sight of all around (lucky both times photographers were amongst the “all around”) and had her undeserving [...]

Maggie’s Milk

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, best known as a submissive servant in 2002′s Secretary, is seen breast feeding her 7 month old daughter Oceana Pallas. *Photos Curtesy of W E N N

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