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Lucy Liu and Carla Gugino Do It

Ahh, now you see where I as going with this whole Rise thing huh? Remember way back in November when we told you how Lucy was semi tricked into signing a contract that required the actress to partake in some “European Nudity”? No, you don’t? Well she was, and this is the first taste that [...]

An Angel Wakes Up Dead

Some leaked footage from the long awaited supernatural thriller Rise: Blood Hunter featuring Charlie’s Asian Angel Lucy Liu as Sadie Blake, a news reporter who vows revenge against the cult responsible for her death. But how does she seek revenge if she’s dead? Well, lucky for Lucy the cult that killed her was actually a [...]

Lucy Caps From New Vampire Flick

Kill Bill‘s Lucy Liu is unlike any other actress out; she’s extremely hot, she performs a wide array of versatile roles, she’s never afraid to shed her cloths for a part, and she can actually act. In her most anticipated role Rise: Blood Hunter, which is due to hit theaters June 1st, Lucy plays a [...]

Nuts Digs Up Celebritie’s Exposing Pasts

British magazine Nuts has dug deep into the pasts of today’s famous faces, and come up with a bloody hel (am I saying that right UK?) of a lot of pre-fame nude pictures.
The crafty 9 page spread contains nude pictures of celebrities before they hit it big, with quirky British commentary that will have [...]

Upcoming Nudity

Mischa Barton, Ashley Judd, and Lucy Liu Few upcoming nudity updates for you. First is the much anticipated movie “The Oh in OHIO” where The O.C. sex kitten Mischa Barton has a body double free topless scene. Unfortunately though it seems some pasties are taped on to cover her nipples, but Mischa does expose her [...]

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