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Friendly Links

Video of Baywatch Babe Gena Lee Nolan‘s Sex Tape. [NSFW VIDEO] [Project X Tapes] Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures. [PICS] [BannedCelebs] Jennifer Aniston Gets ‘Jolie’ Lips. [GOSSIP] [Gone-Hollywood] Jessica Simpson Looking Sexy in Elle. [PICS] [HollywoodTuna] ScreenCaps: Rhona Mitra. [PICS] [MovieHotties] 10 Best Pole Dance Falls. [SFW VIDEO] [LiquidGeneration] Jenny McCarthy Still Has A Smoking Hot [...]

Katherine Forgets Who She Is

Behind-The-Scene’s Clip from Her Vanity Fair Photo Shoot Ungrateful actress Katherine Heigl tells Vanity Fair in their January 2008 issue that despite getting a $5.7 million pay raise for her break out role in Knocked Up she still can’t bare to watch the film, calling it “sexist.” “[Knocked Up is] a little sexist. It paints [...]

Maxim Hot 100

Maxim Online just released their extinguished Hot 100 list which determines which anorexic actress’ lost the most weight in the last 12 months, and is offered the best movie roles in the next 12 months. And coming in at #1 for Maxim’s 2007 List is none other than tabloid princess Lindsay Lohan, taking out Eva [...]

Straight Outta The Forum

Katherine Heigl, that hot chick from “Grey’s Anatomy“, won’t be returning next year to ABC, as she’ll be venturing into the movie scene with her new movie Knocked Up opening June 1st. So what better way to say good by to Dr. Izzie beautiful bosoms, then to post up some old school pics. *Thanks again [...]

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