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Kate Winslet Bares All For Vanity Fair

Kate Winslet Bares All For Vanity Fair

Two years ago, at 31, Kate Winslet became the youngest actress ever to earn five Oscar nominations. This go-round, either of her two new movies—Revolutionary Road, which re-unites her with Leonardo DiCaprio, or The Reader—could put a statue in her hands. Winslet talks about having been a fat girl, getting checked out by the moms [...]

Nuts Presents: 100 Topless Movie Babes

Nuts magazine has compiled their list of the Top 100 topless movie scenes of our time and provided photo evidence for each spot. Nut’s Top 10: 10. Penelope Cruz – Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (May 2001) 9. Alison Eastwood – The Lost Angel (September 2004) 8. Monika Malocova – Hostel: Part II (June 2007) 7. Natalia [...]

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