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Kate Heats Up Mexico

Kate Heats Up Mexico

I almost forgot how great Kate Beckinsale looks in a bikini. The usually elusive 35 year old mother of one was caught by an even more elusive paparazzi while the British babe was vacationing with her family in Mexico.

Rhona Replaces Kate as Underworld Hottie (Plus BOOBS!)

35 year old Kate Beckinsale will be abandoning the role which catapulted her to superstar status when the 3rd installment of the Underworld franchise releases early next year. Although Kate won’t be appearing as Selene in the new flick, fellow British actress Rhona Mitra will take her place as the movie’s leather wearing, werewolf killing, [...]

Kate Pees in Her Director’s Cup

I was scoping out when I came across these sexy images of the British action star attached to an interesting quiz conveniently called, “the most challenging Kate Beckinsale quiz you will ever take.” After answering questions like “With which two actors did Beckinsale film a ménage à trois scene in Laurel Canyon?” and “If [...]

Nuts Digs Up Celebritie’s Exposing Pasts

British magazine Nuts has dug deep into the pasts of today’s famous faces, and come up with a bloody hel (am I saying that right UK?) of a lot of pre-fame nude pictures.
The crafty 9 page spread contains nude pictures of celebrities before they hit it big, with quirky British commentary that will have [...]

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