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Free Jenna, or Don’t. I’m Good Either Way.

Free Jenna, or Don’t. I’m Good Either Way.

If anyone cares Rainn Wilson of the movie “The Rocker” kidnapped his costar from “The Office” Jenna Fischer about a week ago as part of a not-so-funny promotional stunt to drum up movie sales. You can “Help Save Her” by going to and “Upload a picture of all your ticket stubs from “The Rocker” [...]

Darlene and Dewey Duet

Walk Hard Movie Clip Get it? Darlene and Dewey “Do it”. Its a play on words. No? Well then don’t even bother playing this clip from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story a comedic flick set to hit theaters December 21st, because its pretty much just a collection of sexual innuendos compacted into one song [...]

Will Farrell Grabs Jenna Fischer’s Boobies

Not much to write about this one, its pretty self explanatory. Anchorman’s overweight funny man Will Farrell plays a sex addict “rebel” ice-skater in his latest infectious laughing flick Blades of Glory. Also in the flick is The Office‘s quiet conservative Jenna Fischer as the ousted sister of Will’s rival skating duo played by SNL’s [...]

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