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Longoria and Hatcher Kissing on Desperate Housewives

Longoria and Hatcher Kissing on Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria and Teri Hatcher finally gave fans exactly what they wanted on Sunday’s episode of Desperate Houswives when the sexy duo shared a passionate kiss. Unfortunately, since it’s not 2001 anymore, no one cared.

Guess What Eva’s NOT Wearing…

Guess What Eva’s NOT Wearing…

I’ll give you a hint: It’s not a see through shirt because she’s definitely wearing that, or a pointy nipple because she’s got that on too… Still can’t figure it out? Well lets just say it rhymes with cobra, zebra and abracadabra. Click on the censored image below to see the uncensored image or check [...]

Alba Reaches Out and Touches Someone

Jessica Alba Grabbing Some Chicks Boobs Although there ARE easier ways to do so, you may have recently noticed Jessica Alba going through a sort of movie role renaissance where she branches out from her usual roles as “The hot chick in the movie” and diversifies her acting scope with roles like “That hot chick [...]

Eva Longoria Gives Writers a Piece of Her Pie

Desperate House Wife, Eva Longoria, breaks the picket lines yesterday out side of Hollywood where the hard working, humble, and very sexy Writers Guild of America are striking for fair residuals on their internet media (Sorry the WGA made me write that, for comic writers these guys are pretty serious and carry a lot of [...]

Eva Longoria Opens Your Eyes

It’s funny how fast a few Megan Fox images and some Jessica Biel scans can really make you forget about a smoking hot chick like Eva Longoria. She took the #1 spot on Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 two years in a row, and now this Desperate House Wife has been reduced to posing topless for [...]

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