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Brits Might Have Bad Teeth, But They Also Have BIG Boobs

Topless Beach Beauties Courtesy of Zoo. [Paul'sWorld] Fergie’s abs are better then yours. [TastefulCelebs] Tanya Robinson Gallery. [TrueScandals] Jennifer Aniston takes off her bra. [CelebrityHoneys] Elizabeth Hurley Topless Candids. [RichandBrainless] Angelina Jolie Explains Why She Is So Thin. [vGossip]

Elizabeth Hurley Still Has It.

What is “it” exactly? “It” is being over 40 and still being able to make men drool through a few simple pictures. Trust me, a lot of women out there can’t even do that with a bottle of rum, a rub and a tug and they’re still in their 20’s. I’ve never seen images of [...]

Elizabeth Hurley Pops put me on to this this little spread of Elizabeth Hurley posing for Pop Magazine. Little is known about the British fashion magazine Pop, except that Courtney Love posed Topless for them and supposedly Lindsay Lohan did a nude spread for the magazine while under the influence of some unknown substance and then had [...]

Nuts Digs Up Celebritie’s Exposing Pasts

British magazine Nuts has dug deep into the pasts of today’s famous faces, and come up with a bloody hel (am I saying that right UK?) of a lot of pre-fame nude pictures.
The crafty 9 page spread contains nude pictures of celebrities before they hit it big, with quirky British commentary that will have [...]

FemBot from Austin Powers 2 on Sale

You can own your very own FemBot curtesy of hollywood*props, and eBay. The Vanessa Kensington FemBot played by england”s own Elizabeth Hurley from Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me has just went on sale for a meer $3,500. Continue reading “FemBot from Austin Powers 2 on Sale”

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