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Christine Lakin in Big Girl Underwear

Christine Lakin in Big Girl Underwear

29 year old Christine Lakin has sure grown up from her days as little “Al” Lambert on the 1990s ABC sit-comedy ‘Step by Step’. She’s got a new show on The CW called ‘Valentine’. I’m not sure if it’s anything like how I spend valentines day each year: giving away heart shaped candy and flowers [...]

Now Who’s The Nottie?

Although it may have only grosses $25,000 on its opening weekend with each theater averaging a mere $225, thanks to the promotional schemes for Paris’ new flick “The Hottie and the Nottie” and an intuitive FHM administrator we have been blessed with these sexy pictures of Christine Lakin aka The Nottie, aka Al Lambert on [...]

Hilton’s New Movie Might Actually Be Funny

WARNING: Stomach Turning Toenail Scene Included in Clip! You’ve been Warned! Maybe it’s the fact that Paris doesn’t seem to have too many lines in the movie, or maybe its the fact that I know by the end of it Christine Lakin is going to be transformed into the smoking hot chick that she is [...]

Photo Dump: Christine Lakin Bikini

Remember watching the show Step-by-Step with the family when it was part of the T.G.I.F. line up? You do? We’ll then your probably gayer then your mother first considered when she saw you sitting up front for the homo inducing television series, but you will remember Christine Lakin (the closet lesbian, and out-of-the closed tom [...]

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