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“Curve The Bullet” Spoof Clip

“Curve The Bullet” Spoof Clip

Spoof master Carmen Electra puts her copy-cat talents as Angelina Jolie from “Wanted” to the test in this new clip from “Disaster Movie”. First Second time film star Kim Kardashian also lends her “talents” to the clip. “Disaster Movie” releases this Friday, August 28, 2008.

Kim and Carmen Wrestle

Kim and Carmen Wrestle

I was going to put up a clip from Kim Kardashian‘s first movie, Disaster Movie, that really showcases the celebrutant’s acting abilities. Instead I’m just going to put up this clip of her and Carmen Electra wearing skimpy outfits and wrestling each other. I hope you guys don’t mind.

Kim Makes Her Big Screen Debut

Disaster Movie TrailerUploaded by CelebriNet2 Kim Kardashian, best known for trading her shame for fame and replacing her integrity to become a celebrity will be receiving her half of the agreement with Satin when her first big movie production releases August 29th, 2008. The movie appropriately named: “Disaster Movie”, stars Kim, fellow Playboy playmate and [...]

Carmen Electra Without Make-Up

Unlike most of the world Hollywood, natural beauty Carmen Electra looks hot as ever in this photo that shows the Baywatch babe exactly the way she is without any help from the embellishment of make-up, the exaggeration of fashionable clothing, the beautification of plastic surgery, or the publicity of a sex tape. Carmen just throws [...]

Carmen Electra Sues Naked Women’s Wrestling League

Carmen Electra, best known for her “work” as a Playboy cover girl, is suing what is probably the most ridiculous wrestling promotion to rear its head since those goofs from ICP started Juggalo Championship Wrestling. According to E! Online Electra has brought suit against the Naked Women’s Wrestling League (yes, the girls wrestle naked) for [...]

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