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Cameron Diaz Very Young and Very Drunk

So we don’t start getting hate mail because there’s a tranny taking up our front post, I thought I’d throw up some pictures of another Hollywood door mat whose also been criticized for being a little “naive” in her past. These pictures were taken back in 1991 when Cameron Diaz was just 19, and show [...]

Cameron Diaz Talks About Being a Slutty Single

If you thought Cameron hasn’t been linked with any one in Hollywood since her tabloid fling with celebrity mega-dater Justin Timberlake was due to her hefty age, meat cleaver face, and inaccurate contention that female flatulence is actually attractive to the opposite sex your probably right, but according to the May issue of GQ UK [...]

Maxim Hot 100

Maxim Online just released their extinguished Hot 100 list which determines which anorexic actress’ lost the most weight in the last 12 months, and is offered the best movie roles in the next 12 months. And coming in at #1 for Maxim’s 2007 List is none other than tabloid princess Lindsay Lohan, taking out Eva [...]

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Cameron Diaz is Getting a Nose Job

According to reports by “CharlieÂ’s Angel” star Cameron Diaz is receiving surgery on her nose for what she is claiming to be a “medical condition”, and not anything that has to do with improving her looks. Guesses are that Cameron wishes to repair damages she received from numerous breaks mostly due to surfing, her [...]

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