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Brittany Daniel Gives Carson Daly a Quick Lap Dance

Its pretty ironic that Brittany Daniel is giving a lap dance to ‘Give Me More’ by Britney Spears on the Carson Daly late night show. Honestly, who gave that TRL guy his own show? Wait, I meant pathetic not ironic. Download Links Rapidshare Download Link Megaupload Download Link Bonus: Britney Daniel‘s Pole Dance From an [...]

Brittany Daniels is the New Jaime Pressly

Brittany Daniels reminds me so much of Jaime Pressly, in that they both are amazing actresses who need to fire their management (and give me a call), because with bodies like those and actual acting abilities they should be on the top of the Hyde Club’s guest list, not at the top of Maxim Hot [...]

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