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Amy Smart Nude Scene in Mirrors

Amy Smart Nude Scene in Mirrors

‘Crank’ actress Amy Smart rips off her robe and jaw (thats right jaw) in this gory NSFW clip from her new horror flick ‘Mirrors’. These Hollywood actresses will do just about anything to lose weight… [WARNING - CLIP CONTAINS BLOOD, GORE and NUDITY] [Video Via] [Still Image Which Shows Amy Wearing a Pasties For [...]

Amy Isn’t Very Smart

Paparazzi photogs caught Amy Smart topless with only black tape covering her nipples while she was filming on the set of her new movie “Crank 2″. For all of you who haven’t seen Crank 1 I’ve added a montage clip of the best parts from the movie after the jump. Namely Amy’s underwear and sex [...]

Amy Smart’s Sex Scene From ‘Crank’

“The Transporter”s Englishman Jason Statham is in need a quickie in order to keep his heart rate going in this latest clip from his new movie “Crank”, but the only problem is that he”s in the middle of a carnival and all the portapodies seem to be occupied. So does he do? Well just like [...]

Amy Smart’s Blow Job Scene From ‘Crank’

Lions gate“s latest project “Crank” ,which opens tomorrow September 1st, staring “The Transporter” Englishman Jason Statham is about a hit man who has been injected with a poison that kills him once his heart rate drops below a certain point. So his girl friend played by Amy Smart, being the great gal that she is, [...]

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