American Idol Contestant Casey Carlson the Real Bikini Girl?

English, French, and German, Swedish, Scandinavian

St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Featured on the cover of Campus Girls 2009 calender alongside 13 of “the most beautiful
girls in the Big 10″.
100% of the profits from calendar sales will be donated to breast cancer research.
University of Minnesota,

Music is the part of my life that makes me tick. If I didn’t have music in my day I would go crazy, I would go nuts! When I walk into class I have my headphones in, I’m feeling it, that’s what puts me in the mood for the day. My dream job would really be to sing and dance on Broadway. That’s what I did my whole life. Acting, singing, dancing, anything in that field I’d love to do. However, that’s not really where my major is taking me right now but I’m just sorta going with the flow.

My secret dream job is to become a famous pop star! I used to do Whitney, Mariah, Janet and Paula impersonations as a child. I would spin around and morph in to one and scream with a lisp, “I’m Whitney Hoooooosten!”

You can help support breast cancer and order Casey’s Calendar HERE. Watch a Behind-the-Scenes video from her shoot HERE.

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