Julianna Guill IS ‘Friday the 13th’

Julianna Guill IS ‘Friday the 13th’

Julianna Guill Topless and Nude in "Friday the 13th"

21 year old actress Julianna Guill has the MOST AMAZING gratuitous nude scene in the new “Friday the 13th” movie. The rest of the film could be an hour long montage of bowel movements and thanks to Julianna and her pair of natural God sent perfections it would still be on my top 10 list of “Wankable-Flix”. Just below ‘Wild Things’ and right above my VHS copy of ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ (nothing excites me more then defying the laws of science).

In the 1:30 clip we get a nude glimpse of one of the most amazing bodies ever to be defiled by Jason Voorhees‘ legendary machete (Not a spoiler, I’m just assuming based on going ‘Scream’ rules). Not only that but we also get some of the best 1-liners since I seduced my grade school sweet heart at our middle school ‘A Night Under the Stars’ ball – “You have perfect nipple placement”.

Don’t think Julianna’s jumbo pendulum swing is the last image your ever going to have of this Southern Bell. According to her IMDB page Guill has 5 other movies releasing later this year starting when she gears up to play “Another Girl” in‘Fired Up’ on February 20th .

Julianna Guill Nude in ‘Friday the 13th’

8 Responses to “Julianna Guill IS ‘Friday the 13th’”

  1. jonathan perez says:

    those titties were stupendous to say the least

  2. Big Juliana Guill fan says:

    She is beautiful :-)

  3. Big Juliana Guill fan says:

    The film is with no dubt great :-) but it wont be the same without Julianna Guill she is 2 hot :-)

  4. george says:

    Wats wrong with it.it doesn’t work

  5. Tyler says:

    This movie was stupid as fuck, but I wanna slam Guill!

  6. Big Juliana Guill fan says:

    Julianna Guill are with no doubt one of the worlds most beautiful Actress :-)

  7. Nicky 11 says:

    This movie rocked me and my dad watched it :)

  8. Mitchell says:

    Yea… Julianna is hot with perfect nipples but id rather ride the dude shes ridin hes so f’n hott and i bet hes got a big dick with nice furry balls!! mmm id suck him dry…her too!

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