Rachelle Leah Playboy Preview Photos!!!

Rachelle Leah Playboy Preview Photos!!!

Rachelle Leah Nude in Playboy

Rachelle Leah’s Playboy Photos Are Here!!!

Stock up on your Kleenex supply and tell the gf your going to need some “Me Time” tomorrow because we are just a few hours away from the premiere of Rachelle Leah‘s FIRST EVER NUDE PICTORIAL for Playboy magazine’s November issue. An issue that may very well enable Rachelle to overtake Maris Kanellis for the title of Playboy’s best pictorial of 2008.

The 24 year old UFC All Access host sat down with Thomas Gerbasi of UFC.com to discuss her upcoming issue:

On Rachelle Nervous Anticipation of Playboy’s November Issue:

“Yes, the nerves have kicked in, and they just kicked in more because I got the first issue, and it’s surreal. I’m freaking out. I think it would be weird if I wasn’t nervous – I’m both nervous and excited, and I’m full of crazy emotions. The funny thing is, I’ve been on a bunch of different covers, and I’ve never felt anything. People are always saying ‘aren’t you excited, you’re going to be on the cover of this,’ but I’ve always been like ‘this is my job.’ It’s exciting to do what I do, but it is what it is, and I’ve never been one to go ‘Oh my God!’ about it. But this time I’m feeling that to the fullest.”

On The Aspect of Going Nude for the First Time:

“The main reason I did it was because to be on the cover of Playboy is a huge honor and I’m open-minded; I’m not the type of girl that’s like ‘oh my God, you should never be nude.’ But I am the type of girl that says you should never be nude if it’s not done right, and I knew that it was going to be done right.”

On What Her Family Thought of the Idea:

“I didn’t even accept the offer until I asked my mother and father, because I’m very close with them. I’ve got a very supportive family, so I’m really lucky that everyone is really proud of me, and it’s not like this is just some random nude magazine – it’s Playboy, the biggest magazine in the world, so I’m pretty excited about that, and they are too.”

On What Rachelle Wanted From Her Shoot:

“I’m really happy with the way it came out. My whole deal was that I wanted it to be very classy, elegant, and mature – and it is. And with all the creative control that they gave me and the picture approvals that I had, I knew where everything was going, and it was perfect – it was a great shoot. People will like it.”

On the Other Benefits of Posing for Playboy:

“I was hoping it would take on a life of its own, and I’m hoping that it opens a ton of doors for me and re-secures the doors that have already been opened for me. I want to capitalize on this in every different way possible.I’m at a point in my career where I’ve already accomplished so much and I want to do so many more things. Hopefully, this (Playboy Appearance) will help kick start it even more.”

It seems doors are already starting to open for the former model turned UFC spokeswomen. Next year Rachelle stars along side Kat Von D and DMX in 2009′s ‘The Bleeding’, she will be the new face of Anheuser-Busch, will host THQ’s UFC 2009 Undisputed video game and even has her very own action figure.

Don’t think Rachelle’s new found fame will drive her away from the sport responsible for her celebrity birth. On October 25th in Chicago the world’s most famous card holder will don her sexy 2-piece uniform one more time as she recoups her duties as an Octagon Girl at UFC 90 where Anderson “The Spider” Silva puts his reputation as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and his middleweight championship on the line against Patrick “The Predator” Cote. Tickets are on sale now to watch this historic event live and in person.

However, you don’t have to wait that long to see Leah and the UFC together again. Watch out for Rachelle on Spike TV when she goes back to her roots as a host for a special episode of “UFC All Access” that looks into the tough training behind middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

Ultimate Fighting Championship has become a cultural icon since a reality show pinning up and coming fighters against one another for an opportunity at a UFC contract called “The Ultimate Fighter” or “TUF” emerged in mainstream media three years ago. On Saturday night starting at 9pm the show’s top stars collided as season 3 winner Michael Bisping takes on season 1 maniac Chris “The Crippler” Leben for UFC 89 broadcasted FREE on Spike TV.

Playboy magazine’s November issue featuring Rachelle Leah‘s first ever nude pictorial goes on sale tomorrow. Come back soon to get a special First Look at her much anticipated photos.

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  3. stormy7 says:


  4. Um…

    A. Maybe you didn’t get the memo at this weeks cooking class but you girls do have equal rights. Try googling Women’s suffrage.

    B. If anything, Rachelle Leah’s Playboy spread proves just how unfair the world is toward men. Every Most women walk around everyday with a “Become Famous Instantly” card in their pocket. All they have to do is strip off enough clothes to get to it. While if a man works his entire life toward establishing a list of underrated projects, obtaining the necessary skills to succeed and puts himself in a position where all he needs is a little publicity to make it big, he can’t just opt to pose naked in order to achieve his goal. Rachelle is very lucky and extremely smart to take full advantage of such a wonderful opportunity while she can before women hating feminists like you accomplish your goal of creating an “even playing field” and ruin such opportunities for future women.

    C. As those pictures above prove, Rachelle has worked very hard to establish such a fit physique. I’m glad she had the COURAGE to show it off, and the faith in her aspirations to put her self out like that publicly.

    D. Integrity is maintaining and adhering to one’s principles. However, with growth and new knowledge comes the ability for one’s integrity to evolve (i.e. Most children will maintain the idea that eating broccoli is above them until they understand the good that comes from eating vegetables. That child’s integrity has evolved not dissipated). Rachelle started her career as a model, devoting her life to expressing herself creatively by using her body as an instrument. For Rachelle to finally be able to fully expose herself for a once in a lifetime opportunity while maintaining creative control is a perfect example of the evolution of her integrity. Integrity is usually lost through desperation. Rachelle did not pose naked out of desperation or need of money, although I’m sure the pay was good, but because of her confidence in her body and her career.

    She has worked hard to put herself in a position to achieve a much higher fame and has capitalized on an opportunity to realize that potential. Don’t try to belittle her accomplishments or look down on Rachelle Leah because she choose to pose in Playboy Magazine’s November issue. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of guts to do something like that. I’m proud of Rachelle’s ambition and am glad she is comfortable with herself at this point in her life to take such a tough step.

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