Sara Varone Caught Topless By Paparazzi

Sara Varone Caught Topless By Paparazzi

Sara Varcone Nude and Topless Paparazzi Photos
Sara Varone is a smoking hot TV host of the popular Italian show “Buona Domenica”. Over the last few years she has caught quite a bit of global media coverage thanks to her now infamous Youtube clips. See Sara, unlike uppity conservative bitches like Elisabeth Hasselbeck, is aware of her prominent role on the show as the program’s central sex appeal. She takes her duties as that gimmick VERY SERIOUSLY by dancing provocatively with guests and inviting them to hand search her voluptuous body for concealed items, regularly riding a surfboard while dressed in a tiny skin-tight dress and she comes to work each morning wearing a top that’s soooo small she spends the entire episode fighting to keep it covering her bolstering breasts. Her entire on-air time can be summed up in a single montage clip filled with numerous nip slip episodes, up skirt moments and infinite cleavage.

Although Sara’s exhibitionist style of hosting has provided countless wardrobe malfunctions, she has also been quite careful over the years to not reveal all of her “appeal” at once. She has ensured her vanity is always in tack by demanding executive power over all of her photo shoots and hand picking which pictures make it to the mags and which ones get erased on the spot. Guaranteeing any “accidental” photos that show too much of her Italian prides never see the light of day… Until now!!!!

A crafty paparazzi managed to position himself in the just the right angle where he was able to snap some shots of a COMPLETELY TOPLESS Sara Varcone while she was in the middle of shooting an unreleased 2009 calendar for Italian men’s magazine, “ForMen”, with famed photographer Roberto Rocco. A shoot which Sara claims is her “first time nude”.

To give my American friends who don’t know about Varone’s Italian fame an analogy: Sara Varone finally photographed naked is like Olivia Munn deciding to pose for Playboy… It’s that big of a deal.

Heres what she had this to say about her “nude” appearance in the calendar:

I was very scared of the idea of going naked. I’m used to wearing shorts and sexy T-shirts, but I could not undress completely. It was funny, but in the end I did it. The photographer is a friend of mine which helped me a lot.

Below are the topless shots the pap managed to take and some images from her official calendar which show Sara pretty clothed. Since the calendar has not been released yet, it’s not exactly certain whether the 35 year old brunette actually shows the gOOds or if the lucky cameraman caught Sara topless in-between takes. Chances are she is nude in the calendar but covering herself in the contemporary “boob-hold pose” made famous by an SNL skit featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Either way who cares? We FINALLY get to see Sara’s spectacular sweater kittens. Which is really all that matters right?

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