Isla Fisher in Another Wedding Movie

Australian actress Isla Fisher is probably best known as Gloria, the insane red head with the crazy giggle from Wedding Crashers, and most recently as the last place Borat deposited his sperm.

The clip we bring you today is from Isla’s latest movie co-starring pie romancer Jason Biggs. As far as the movie’s plot goes, just imagine dorky Jim from American Wedding (the pie f*cker) asking obsessive Gloria from Wedding Crashers to marry him the very first time the two meet, and you’ll pretty much understand the awkwardness going on in this underwear exposing clip from Wedding Daze.

I’m glad Fisher and Biggs carried over their “Wedding” characters to this project, becasue Isla can play a crazed stalker really awesome, and Jason takes on the role of a pathetic loser better than anyone I know. It’s always nice to see people return to where the public most enjoys seeing them. Yeah, I went there…

Did You Know?
Isla Fisher converted to Orthodox Judaism in advance of her marriage to Sacha Baron Cohen, who is Jewish.

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  1. Paul says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This girl is hot enough to light a fart.

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